Instructions for grant receivers

Grant receivers must deliver to the board of trustees a written report on the use of the grant within one year, but not later than five years, from receiving the grant. On request the recipient of the grant must submit an intermediary report on the progress of the research project to the foundation.

In order to withdraw a grant given to a team, the team must provide the foundation with a payment instruction signed by all team members.

When the grant is used to hire assistants, the receiver of the grant is liable to take care of tax withholding and the payment of social security and insurance contributions.

The receiver of the grant must declare the grant in his or her tax return. The foundation will provide the tax authorities with a control report on the grants it has given in accordance with currently valid regulations.

The receiver of the grant must notify the foundation office without delay of any changes in his or her correspondence address.

A part of the grant should be used at the latest within the following year after it has been granted.

General principles

  • Leave of absence (at least partial) required for the research period
  • For young scientists
  • Doctoral degree required (as an exception, completion of doctoral thesis, see announcement)
  • The applicant must report other grants or allocations applied and received elsewhere for the same research project
  • As a rule no allocations for mere trips abroad
  • Not granted for equipment or acquisition of material

    Not granted if the applicant receives “researcher’s pay”.

    Time of payment:
    The grants are paid to the account stated by the recipient at the end of May.
    A list of the grant receivers and the amount will be published on the foundation website.


1. Scholarships are tax-exempt up to the amount of the tax-exempt amount for artist scholarships. For more information please see

2. Every year we receive requests for postponing the payment of a granted scholarship to the following year. Usually the recipient has received financing from several sources or the timetable has been delayed.

Please note Matti Myrsky's article, published in Acatiimi issue 4/2004, cautioning that if the recipient has already withdrawn a part of a scholarship, the tax authority may consider that the recipient administers the scholarship and thus has the right of disposition to it, even if the scholarship had not been withdrawn in full.


Fill in the application form in one copy. A curriculum vitae and a research plan (three pages at the most) must be appended to the application. The appendices should present the applicant’s previous activities, list of publications and research budget. No publications must be appended to the application.

If the grant is applied for a team, the application should be completed in one copy. The CVs of all the team members must be appended to the application. The team must have a contact person.

Under “Reasons for receiving a grant” the applicant must give a short description of research goals and methods as well the significance and application of the anticipated results.

The application and references should be sent to the foundation by the end of the application period. The address is:

1562 Nordea Private Wealth Management
00020 NORDEA

or when mailing from abroad:

1562 Nordea Private Wealth Management

Applications and references arriving too late will not be processed.

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