Marcus Wallenbergin säätiö

Awarded grants 2022

Mr. Anoop Adhur Kutty Adjustment and career success of expatriates; How do expatriates navigate uncertainty? 12.000

MSc. Kimia Aghayi Doctoral dissertation: "Understanding Artificial Intelligence from the Consumer Perspective" 12.000

Valentina Arrieta Travel grant for the AIB conference in 2022 2.000

Hilla Back AOM (Academy of Management) conference 2022 2.000

PhD Ingrid Biese-Stjernberg The great resignation and what organizations can do to stop it 15.000

Mr. Lin Chen Construction of national identity among middle-level managers: context, strategies, and implications 12.000

M.Sc. Yian Chen Unraveling the Link between Risk-taking Culture & Firm Innovation The Mediating Role of Organizational Resilience in Chinese & Nordic Firms 12.000

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Management Studies, Aalto University School of Business Karelia Dagnaud Study collaboration amongst people from different knowledge domains as part of sustainable product development in the textile sector. 12.000

Master of Science in Business Administration, PhD Candidate Phuong Dao Service design approach for business renewal in the COVID-19 era 6.000

Dr. William Degbey Visiting Scholar to Harvard University 18.000

Doctoral candidate Anna Dziuba Inside the knowledge-intensive field: acquiring emotional competence, developing creativity in remote setting, finding meaning in work 6.000

D.Sc. Olga Dziubaniuk Post-doctoral research 15.000

Mr. Sepehr Ebrahimian Amiri Sustainability in supply chain management (summer school and conference presentation) 2.400

Lauri Elfsbacka Making strategic people decisions: talent management in collaboration with third-party executive search firms 12.000

Ms Emilia Eräpolku Multinational enterprises and the energy transition in seaports 3.000

Dipl.-Kffr. Kerstin Falk Engagement matters - An employee perspective on management control effectiveness 12.000

MSc (MIS) Wenjie Fan Towards Fluent Decision Making Experience by Adopting Information Curation Functions 15.000

Msc. Li Fang Fang Social media marketing strategies in international business: resource, capabilities, and performance 1.400

M.Sc. (Econ) Natalia Fey Innovative approaches to developing leadership capabilities through coaching in contemporary local and global organizations 6.000

Mrs Tamara Galkina Business-model dynamics during the internationalization of digital-platform firms 2.000

phd Philip Gylfe Participation in the Academy of Management Conference in 2022 2.000

Docent Astrid Sofia Huopalainen Attend the Organization Studies summer workshop (18-21.5.2022, Crete) 1.400

PhD Ari Hyytinen Research visit to abroad 8.000

Dr Ritva Höykinrpuro SERVSIG 2022 Conference; June 1.400

M.Sc. Chukwuka Igboanua The Role of Regional Policy in the Adoption of Industry 4.0 in Finnish South Karelia 1.400

Doctoral student Yuting Jiang Research funding for the third year of PhD study 12.000

Mr. Hunter Jones Marketing (Conference Trip) 2.000

Vafa Järnefelt The capacity of environmental sustainability assessments in measuring circular economy 12.000

MSc (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) Jenni Jääskö Auditors' client portfolios as drivers of audit quality 6.000

MSc, MA Laura Kangas-Müller Doctoral dissertation: Doing inclusion 'differently': an ethnographic study into organizing for refugee and inclusion 12.000

PhD Violetta Khoreva Postdoctoral research 15.000

PhD Ewald Kibler Explaining Burnout and Resilience among Finnish Nascent Entrepreneurs: A Process-Wellbeing-Perspective 5.000

DI Joona Koistinen Being at stake - How complex accountability infrastructures shape organizing 12.000

DSc (Econ.) Alexei Koveshnikov Academy of Management 2022 conference 2.000

M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) Lauri Laine Postdoctoral research project: "Resisting entrepreneurship" 10.000

KTM Sari Laine How leaders experience the effects of regular mindfulness practice on their self-leadership and leader capabilities 6.000

Mr. Jiancai Liao living expenses 12.000

M.Sc Yanqing Lin A longitudinal study on the adverse impacts of IT use on users' wellbeing 12.000

Miss. Linyu Liu Travel expenses for participating in the Nordic Research School of International Business 3.000

D.Sc. (Econ) Anna Lukkarinen Research visit to Stanford University: Sustainability and ethics in entrepreneurial finance 8.000

MSc (Econ.) Anna Maaranen Post-doctoral research: People, technology, and work: new encounters in digital spaces 15.000

DSc (Tech), MSc (Strategy), MSc (Tech), CEMS-MIM Pardeep Maheshwaree Effect of CEOs on firm performance 2.000

M.Sc. Iryna Maliatsina Towards carbon neutrality in the aerospace supply network 2.000

M.A Abdollah Mohammadparast Tabas Finalising Doctoral Thesis "Entrepreneurship in the healthcare ecosystems" 6.000

Dr Khadijeh Momeni Business model innovation through new industrial service processes 1.400

Dr. Mohammad Moshtari EurOMA Conference 2022 1.200

Martta Nieminen Working grant for doctoral studies 12.000

Doctoral Candidate Sarri Nykänen Strategies in digital democracy 13.000

Prof. Arto Ojala Internationalization of born digitals 2.000

Docent, senior lecturer Huopalainen Astrid (contact person and AMMO course coordinator) Organizing committee for doctoral course AMMO To organize the doctoral course "The Artful Making of Management and Organization" (AMMO) 2.000

PhD Pauli Pakarinen Postdoc (2. year) at Stanford University 10.000

D.Sc. Xu Peng Data-Driven Analytics: Developing Model-Based Decision Support 7.500

MSc Valeria Penttinen Post Doc Research: The Role of Internal and Shared Analytical Capabilities in Business Networks 7.500

Doctor Student Mohsin Abdur Rehman Moving towards holistic customer experience throughout the phygital customer journey 12.000

M. Sc. (Econ.) Riku Reunamäki Translating management fashion from the employee perspective: An ethnographic case study of agile banking 12.000

Doctorate Candidate Juliana Rodrigues dos Reis Research funding for the second year of Doctorate Program. Research on social innovation and entrepreneurship 12.000

M.Sc. (Econ.) Sonja Saari Environmental sustainability and supply chain resilience in humanitarian medical cold chains' energy services: A trade-off? 12.000

MSSc, Doctoral Candidate Pekka Saarikorpi Towards Shared Experiences: social touchpoints shaping the customer experience in the arts 12.000

Mrs Félicia SAÏAH Process Modularity in Long-Term Humanitarian Supply Chain 12.000

Dr. Iiris Saittakari Disaggregation of headquarters activities and their locations: A multilevel perspective 12.000

Mr (BSc, MPhil) Viktor Salenius Disruptive Innovation in Traditional Industries - Theorising a Nordic Model for Innovation in the Transition to Sustainability 12.000

Mr. Stefan Santokhie Human resource management practices and employee well-being. 12.000

Dr Minna Saunila Management control systems for sustainability 5.000

Master of Social Sciences, Master of Arts Sebastian Schauman Engagement and Relatability: An Exploration of Meaningful Consumer-Object Relations 6.000

M.Sc. Steven Schoenmaker The influence of Cognitive Depletion and Dissonance on Food Consumption 12.000

Doctoral Candidate Henriikka Seittu Co-creation of wellbeing during service system digitalization - case study in the context of online therapy 12.000

PhD Kathrin Sele 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) 2.000

M.Sc. Lotta Sihvo Matikainen Doctoral research on the role of stakeholder enagement in sustainability transitions 12.000

University researcher Mika Skippari Construction of lobbyists' political resources in Finland: practice-theory perspective 2.000

PhD Sniazhana Sniazhko The Role of Integration Managers in Post-Acquisition Integration: A Decision-Making Perspective 2.000

Dr. Nikodemus Solitander For a cross-national Nordic PhD course on Nordic CSR and sustainability 10.000

Ekonomie doktor Eva Ström Participation in the EAA Annual Conference 2022 1.200

Doctor of Science in Economics and Business Administration Muhammad Sufyan Digital Transformation of Entrepreneurial Firms and Global Value Creation 7.500

Dr. Dennis Sundvik Research visit to the United States 7.500

Mr. Matin Taheriruh Participation in the IPSERA 2022 conference 1.100

Master of Arts, PhD-student Jarmo Taskinen PhD-dissertation: Career Development and Internationalization in the Context of the Pulp and Paper Industry 12.000

MSc. Thomas Taussi PhD dissertation on risk management and risk work 6.000

Timmy Thor Essays on corporate culture 12.000

Acting Director of KATAJA Hannu Tikkanen Organising high-quality methodological courses in KATAJA 60.000

Doctor Mikko Vesa Understanding the Consequences of Algorithmic Profiling in Business 1.400

Sofia Villo To fund the fourth year of my PhD studies at Aalto University (September 2022-August 2023) 12.000

Doctoral Candidate Alice Ro Sofie Wickström Attending Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management 2.000

PhD Candidate xiaoshi xu Conference trip 2.000

D.Sc. (Econ.) Man Yang Adaptation to the pandemic and beyond: Unbundling the role of values in family firms in enduring crisis 1.400