Marcus Wallenbergin säätiö

Awarded grants 2023

Mr. Anoop Adhur Kutty Conference Presentation - "Are they always uncomfortable with the unknown? Getting into the nuances of how expatriates perceive uncertainty" 1.200

Doctoral Researcher Oscar Ahlberg Doctoral Dissertation: Algorithms and Consumer Subjectivation 6.000

Mr. Imtiaz Ahmed Attending the EIBA conference 2023 1.400

Master of Science (MSc) Raushan Aman To finalize the doctoral dissertation on migrant women entrepreneurship 6.000

Msc. Business and Design Lafaire Ana Paula Travel expenses to attend the international conference "Gender Work and Organization" 1.800

Autonomy and control in self-management Valentina Arrieta PhD funding 6.000

D.Sc. (Econ. & BA) Irina Atkova Travel grant for the 39th EGOS conference in Cagliari, Italy 1.400

MSc Hilla Back AIB (Academy of International Business) conference 2023 1.400

D.Sc. (Econ) Philipp Back Attending the Academy of Management (AOM) 2023 Annual Meeting 2.000

Mr. Misa Bakajic Conference ISIEA 2023 1.200

MBA Tania Biswas Participation in the EAWOP congress and conference trip,2023 1.400

Stefan Burggraf Combating well-being disparities in the service economy 10.560

Mr Lin Chen Research funding for the fourth year of PhD. study 12.000

M.Sc. Yian Chen Decentralisation, Formalisation and Firm Innovation - A Cross-cultural Moderated Mediation Analysis in the Nordic & Chinese Contexts 12.000

Wunder David 83rd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management (AOM) 2.000

Ph.D. Denis Davydov Managing Bank Liquidity Hoarding during Uncertain Times 2.000

Ph.D. Carlos Diaz Ruiz Conference fee and travel to the Consumer Culture Conference 1.400

PhD Sniazhana Diduc (former Sniazhko) The values of inter-organizational relationships in transition towards more sustainable operation in the reindustrializing world 1.400

MSc. Trang Thi Quynh Dinh Understanding entrepreneurial failure through the community approach 7.500

Ms. Thi Duc Hanh Doan Algorithmic management and gig workers' well-being in the context of platform work 12.000

Dr Maria Ehrnström-Fuentes Travel Grant for EGOS Conference 1.400

M.Sc. (Econ.) Lauri Elfsbacka Organizing the selection of senior management: the influence of executive search on executive and board appointments 10.560

Ms Emilia Eräpolku Ports as coastal energy hubs in decarbonizing global value chains 5.000

Miriam Etz Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) in Marketing 12.000

Msc. Wuraola Falana Brand and Innovation:What kind of innovations should brands engage in? 10.560

PhD Wenjie Fan Effects of Big Data Curation on Consumer's Decision-Making 15.000


D.(Sc.) Sara Fraccastoro Travel grant for research presentation and development at the 2023 Global Marketing Conference 2.000

Associate Professor, Director of KATAJA Johanna Frösén Organizing high-quality methodological courses in KATAJA 60.000

Professor, Dr. Peter Gabrielsson Participation at European International Business Academy (EIBA) Conference 2023 1.400

PhD Pelin Geyik Doctoral Dissertation: Rainbow Families 12.000

MSocSc Bernadetta Ginting-Szczesny Postdoctoral research project: Multipurpose formation in a pluralistic organisation 15.000

Dr. Alexei Gloukhovtsev Conference trip - Academy of Management 2.000

PhD Johanna Gummerus Value Co-Destruction in Public Service Systems-Towards Revolutionary Solutions 1.260

M.Sc. Meng Guo Key Audit Matters and Auditors' Perception of Due Professional Care 12.000

Ph.D. Philip Gylfe Long-term strategizing: a historical approach 7.500

Master of Science Daria Hakola Conference visit 1.400

M.Sc., PhD student Minna Heikinheimo Entrepreneurial B2B service firms during COVID-19: the digitizing international sales utilizing dynamic capabilities 2.000

Dr.Sc. Maria Holmlund-Rytkönen Conference participation cost coverage 1.400

KTM Johanna Horppu A doctoral research on privacy from a socio-cultural perspective 5.000

Ms Yuxi Hou Research of servitization and sustainability 12.000

MSc. Qinglan Huang Doctoral dissertation: Mandatory sustainability reporting regulation - focus on economic implications and the effectiveness 10.560

Professor Elina Jaakkola Research visits 5.000

Doctoral student Yuting Jiang Research funding for the fourth year of PhD study 12.000

Mr. Hunter Jones Travel to Academic Conference (Consumer Research) 1.074

Dr. Paulina Junni Conference paper: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions: A Systematic Literature Review 2.000

Master of Science (Tech) Jenni Kaipainen Conference & PhD workshop 1.400

MSc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) Joona Kemppainen EIBA Conference 2023 1.400

Master of Social Sciences Anna Kevätsalo Construction of meaningfulness in the employment relationship 2.000

Fares Khalil Multi-disciplinary research within the fields of service marketing and health technology for the study of health and well-being services 7.500

Research visit to Stanford iqra sadaf khan Research visit to Stanford University 7.000

PhD Ewald Kibler Late-Career Entrepreneurship, Life Quality, and Longer Working Careers 6.000

Doctoral Researcher Anastasiya Koptsyukh Understanding compassionate entrepreneurial initiatives and organized responses to disasters 12.000

MSc.(Econ.), PhD Candidate Piia Korri Doctoral Dissertation: Towards Global Sustainability Reporting Standards 5.000

Associate Professor Alexei Koveshnikov AOM 2023 conference 2.000

MSc. Business and Design Ana Paula Lafaire Finalising dissertation: Artistic tinkerings and caring encounters- A sociomaterial approach to re-thinking management education 6.000

D.Sc. Tuula Lehtimäki Environmental hybrid organizations co-creating value with their stakeholders: what do we know? 1.400

KTM Simo Pekka Elias Lehtovirta Genderising and De-Genderising in Fashion Consumption 12.000

Doctoral researcher Heta Leinonen Stakeholder engagement as practice - Accelerating a circular economy through stakeholder engagement activities 1.400

Dr Tiina Leposky Conference to present a paper on sustainable business model transition 2.000

Mr. Jiancai Liao How drug availability affects consumer adherence: a telemedicine context 12.000

MSc Kaja Kirstine H Lilleng Doctoral dissertation: Valuation processes in impact investing - in-depth explorations of an emerging field 12.000

Miss. Linyu Liu Doctoral studies on sustainable HRM in MNCs 6.000

Doctor of Science in economics and business administration Eva-Lena Lundgren-Henriksson Participation in the 39th EGOS colloquium 6.7-8.7.2023 in Cagliari, Italy 1.400

KTM / KTT (degree to be awarded, doctoral defence took place in Jan 2023) Anna Maaranen Post-doctoral research: People, technology, and work: new encounters in digital spaces 7.500

M.Sc. Mari Mehtälä Advancing circularity in business networks through sustainable innovation 6.000

Doctoral researcher Sara Moqaddamerad Business Model Innovation on the Verge of Emerging Disruptive Technologies: Strategic Foresight Approach 6.000

Dr. Mohammad Moshtari University-Industry Interaction Conference 2023 1.400

MSc Dina Myllymäki Sustainable headquarters buildings 15.000

M.Sc. An Diem Phuong Nguyen Consumers' Behavioural Responses to Human and Artificial Intelligence Collaboration in Service Recommendation 10.560

Professor Arto Ojala Business models of indoor navigation services 4.000

KTM Miia Paakkanen Dissertation on the importance of compassion and emotions at work and in leadership 6.000

MSc Petra Paasonen Doctoral dissertation 12.000

Professor Kalle Pajunen Conference paper presentation at Academy of Management annual meeting, Boston, USA 2.000

Dr. Pakarinen Pauli Travel expenses (EGOS conference) 1.400

PhD Candidate Kaisa Penttilä Participating at the Strategic Management Society's 43rd Annual Conference in Toronto 30.9.-3.10.2023 2.000

Marcus Wallenberg Chair of International Business Rebecca Piekkari The Nordic Research School of International Business (NORD-IB) 10.000

Associate Professor Pia Eva Polsa Costs for attending Annual Macromarketing conference 2.000

M.Sc. (Econ. & Bus. Adm.) Laavanya Ramaul Impact of AI in industrial firms: an analysis of the emergent leadership capabilities of high-level AI technology users 3.000

M.Sc. (Econ.) Riku Reunamäki Post-doctoral research: Exploring management fashion in the global spread of ideas 7.500

Dr. Tiina Ritvala Harvard SCANCOR Weatherhead Alumni Conference 2023 2.000

Mr Siddhant Ritwick Google doctors: How healthcare information intermediaries' affordance to patients is changing the doctor-patient relationship and doctor's w 12.000

MSSc (MA in Social Sciences) Pekka Saarikorpi Participation in conferences 1.400

Emma Sandström Dynamics and practices of inclusive innovation - An investigation of the emerging Femtech field 7.500

Architect (MSc), MA Hanne Savolainen Development of collective sense of style in creative teams 12.000

Doctoral Candidate Katharina Schilli Visiting Researcher at Stockholm School of Economics, House of Innovation 10.000

Doctoral researcher Shabnam Shaikh Doctoral research and job career development 6.000

Post-doctoral researcher Ausrine Silenskyte MNE strategy implementation in a digital era 1.400

Ph.D. Hanna Silvola Implementation of mandatory Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) 5.000

Master of Social Science Hanna Sjögren Organizations put on the spot - The issue of retention and turnover in elderly care 12.000

Franziska Steiner Doctoral dissertation on workplace loneliness 10.560

Dr (Econ) Eva Ström Participation AAA CTLA Conference 2023 2.000

Dr. Dennis Sundvik The real effects of equal pay audits and financial reporting regulations 15.000

PhD Marja Svanberg A Business-Friendly Business Ethics for Economic Sustainability 7.500

MSc Economics Christina Söderberg Socially responsible working lives with a focus on age diversity & age-friendliness and the role of leadership and HRM 10.560


PhD Galkina Tamara Attending 2023 Academy of Management Conference 2.000

M. Sc. (Econ.) Inkeri Tanhua Doctoral dissertation: Explaining occupational gender segregation 6.000

Ms Claire Travers Local procurement in Humanitarian Response 10.560

Docent Linda Lisa Maria Turunen From Resale to Reuse: Sustainable Practices in the Fashion Ecosystem 12.000

PhD Student / Researcher Laura Varja Responsibility and sustainability in company board and top management strategic work 10.560

Doctoral Candidate Sofia Villo Travel grant - to be able to participate at the Academy of Management Conference 2.000

Associate Professor Catharina von Koskull Transformative Consumer Research - Research visit 2.000

Mr. Risqo Wahid Attending the Global Marketing Conference 2.000

KTM Katri Weckroth Sustainable food consumption: marketing and consumers 12.000

Mr Fredrik Weibull Participation in the 2023 International Conference of Critical Management Studies 1.400

Alice Wickström Travel grant GWO 2023 1.800

Baolin Yang Research on Perceived Relational Fracture Resulting from Employee Voice Behavior and Relational Repair 12.000

D.Sc. (Econ.) Man Yang Becoming female sustainable entrepreneurs 1.400

Ms. Nayoung Yoon Omni-channel Sensing: consumer sensory experiences in experiential offline and digital retailing environments 12.000