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Application guidelines

Instructions for filling in grant applications:

    The application form is filled in in the online application system. A curriculum vitae and a research plan of no more than three pages must be attached to the application. The attachments should include the applicant's previous activities, list of publications and a specified budget for the research project. Publications should not be attached to the application.

  • If the grant is applied for by a working group, the application form should be filled in once. The resume of all members should be attached. A contact person for the working group should be mentioned.

  • Under the item the purpose for which the grant is applied for, state the discipline to which the project belongs and the purpose, which is usually the same as the research subject, briefly, clearly and with the avoidance of foreign words. The statement may be used in the overview of the awarded grants, the annual report, and newspaper notices to describe the purpose of the grant.

  • Under the item motivation for the grant application, the applicant should briefly explain the research objectives, methods, and the significance of the expected results and their potential applications.

  • Letters of recommendation are to be sent through the electronic statement system.


The application is filled in electronically in English and can be found via the link below. The attachments must also be in English.

A supervisor's letter of recommendation is a prerequisite for receiving a doctoral grant for full-time research.

Click here to open the online service.

Late applications are not considered.

Guidelines for grant recipients:

  • Grant recipients agree on the grant payment period and other matters pertaining to the grant use with the Foundation ombudsperson.

  • To withdraw a grant received by a working group, the Foundation must be notified with a letter signed by all members of the group.

  • When the grant is used for remuneration of auxiliary staff, the grant recipient is obliged to take care of tax-withholdings and payment of social security contributions.

  • Grant recipients must record the received grant in their tax return. The Foundation submits statutory control information to the tax authorities on issued grants.

  • Grant recipients must promptly notify the Foundation of a change in the correspondence address.

  • Grant recipients must give a written account of the use of the scholarship (do not send the dissertation) to the board of the Foundation within one year; however, no later than five years from the scholarship was awarded. The report should be sent to the Foundation via the electronic application system. Reports sent by post will not be considered.

  • Upon request, grant recipients are obliged to submit an interim report on the progress of the research to the Foundation..

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