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Säätiö Apurahat Hakemus Selvitys Lausunnot Tutkimusprojektit Yhteystiedot

Myönnetyt apurahat 2021

Mrs. Kimia Aghayi Consumer perceptions toward Artificial Intelligence 12000

KTM, MSc, MA Tilman Bauer Doctoral dissertation: "Business for Peace: A New Paradigm for the Theory of the Firm" 12000

Mr. Lin Chen Research funding for the second year of PhD. study 12000

Dr. Nebojsa Dimic CSR and Credit Ratings 3000

Msc. Wuraola Falana Brand and Innovation:What kind of innovations should brands engage in? 12000

Kerstin Falk Emotions matter - An employee perspective on management control effectiveness in the health care context 12000

Dr. rer. pol. Tomas Falk More of the Same? Effects of Volume and Variety of Social Media Brand Engagement Behavior 8000

Professor of International Business Carl Fey Exploring How National Context Affects How Self-Management Works 10000

M.Sc. (Econ.) Natalia Fey Scholarship for one year of full-time PhD studies to finalize doctoral thesis 5000

MSc Leni Grünbaum Relational leadership practices for meaningful group encounters. A case study of children's psychiatry at a Scandinavian university hospital 12000

Ph.D. Philip Gylfe Post-doc project: Understanding creative group work 15000

Mr. Hunter Jones Marketing (Consumer Research) 12000

Fares Khalil Empowerment and a Human Approach to Service Systems 12000

PhD Ewald Kibler How Entrepreneurs Move on During and After Times of Crisis? Understanding the Personal and Organisational Implications in the Long-Term 6000

KTM Tomi Koljonen A Digital Leap? Cultures, Politics, and Practices of Digital Reform in the Finnish Educational System 12000

M.Sc.(Econ.) Tiina Kähkönen PhD Dissertation: Repairing employee trust within an organization 5000

MSc Lauri Laine Doctoral research on historical entrepreneurship 6000

Doctoral Candidate Mia Leppälä Doctoral Dissertation, Utilizing Data in Organizational Communication: Knowledge Networks and Brokering 5000

MSc Kaja Kirstine Hegstad Lilleng Changing norms and valuation practices among management: The emergence of impact investing practices in the Nordic region 12000

Miss Yanqing Lin A longitudinal study on the adverse impacts of IT use on users' wellbeing 12000

Miss Mitra Moghaddam Salimi Brand transgressions: the consequences for consumer-brand relationship 12000

Doctoral Candidate Sara Moqaddamerad Working grant for carrying out doctoral thesis;(Business Model Innovation on the Verge of Emerging and Disruptive Technologies) 5000

MSc Dina Myllymäki Finalising Doctoral Thesis "HRM technology: sociomaterial perspective" 5000

Doctoral Student Jori Mäkkeli Self-organizing as a source of resilience and well-being in organizations: Understanding enabling structures and practices 12000

Mrs Sini Nordberg-Davies Doctoral dissertation: Visioning the future of the market in the context of radical innovation - The case of autonomous shipping 12000

Dr Ilkka Ojansivu Negotiating Value-in-Use Goals with Government 6000

KTM Miia Paakkanen Dissertation on the importance of compassion and emotions at work and in leadership 5000

MSc Petra Paasonen Doctoral dissertation 12000

M.Sc.(Econ.), M.Soc.Sc Ainomaria Parikka Customer-centricity and customer experience management as a source of competitive advantage 12000

M.Sc. Aleksandra Petrova Ph.D. dissertation: High-performance teams in eSports; grant for the living expenses for the 2-nd year Doctoral studies 12000

M.Sc. Kalliopi Platanou Doctoral dissertation "Twittering about HRM digitalization: The institutionalization of ideas in the social media context" 5000

M.Sc. (Econ.) Riku Reunamäki Translating management fashion from the employee perspective: An ethnographic case study of agile banking 12000

Mrs Félicia SAÏAH Process Modularity in Long-Term Humanitarian Supply Chain 12000

Emma Sandström Emotional Dynamics in Organizing for Social Value 12000

Mr Muhammad Hamza Siddique Working grant (Marketing) 12000

Dr. Ausrine Silenskyte Digital solutions for strategy implementation 14000

Professor Adam Smale Investigating the distinctive features and resilience of HRM in the Nordics: A longitudinal and cross-national study 4000

Dr. Muhammad Sufyan Value Chain Relocations as Sources of Competitive Advantages among Migrant Owned Firms 15000

M.Sc. Sampsa Suvivuo Evolution, maintenance and development of multi-sided online labor platforms 12000

KTM Mariia Syväri Finalizing PhD Dissertation: Shaping markets towards sustainability - Market work and business model evolution of a hybrid start-up 5000

M. Sc. (Econ.) Inkeri Tanhua Doctoral dissertation: Explaining occupational gender segregation 5000

MSc. Thomas Taussi Examining the dynamics of risk appetites and risk objects in risk management 12000

Doctoral candidate Hanna Timonen Doctoral thesis: A practice-based approach to organizational paradoxes 5000

Mr. Priit Tinits Aligned Interests of Businesses and Government in Firm Internationalization via Exports 12000

D.Sc. Linda Lisa Maria Turunen Funding for research project: Fashion on (Re)sale 12000

M.Sc. Peng Xu Robust Data-Driven Optimization: Modeling Incomplete Information on Scenario Probabilities and Risk Preferences 5000

Master in Management Xiaoshi Xu Management practices and innovation: the role of cultural and institutional context 12000